Meet Our Office Staff

Bob Nutzhorn

Jenny Gill

Mandy Andrews

Assistant Development Director

Nathan Ruby

Vanessa Rekash

Meet Our Teachers

Janice Martinez

Alisha Wignall

Emily Boynton

Elaina Erickson

Heather Miller

Tammy Smith

Claire Gilmour

Amanda Barker

Kim Reynolds

2nd Grade // Building Principal

Tracy McKim

Melody Gilbert

Mindy Armentrout

Tammira McVeigh

Jeremiah Barker

Building Principal // Bible

Elijah Ekstedt

Tamara Nutzhorn

Nikki Potter

Rick Ruhl

“GCS Students are challenged in all aspects of the core curriculum; as well as being taught character traits that are not only biblical in their foundation, but are exemplified in the adults who teach them.”