Meet Our Office Staff

Bob Nutzhorn

Jenny Gill

Mandy Andrews

Assistant Development Director

Vanessa Rekash

Meet Our Teachers

Janice Martinez

Alisha Wignall

Elaina Erickson

Tammy Smith

Emily Boynton-Robinson

Dee Hurd

Haley Mechling

Amanda Barker

Tammira McVeigh

Kim Reynolds

2nd Grade // Building Principal

Mindy Armentrout

Melody Gilbert

Tracy McKim

Monica Melhus

Jeremiah Barker

Building Principal // Bible

Elijah Ekstedt

Tamara Nutzhorn

Nikki Potter

Ruth Trennepohl

Rick Ruhl

“GCS Students are challenged in all aspects of the core curriculum; as well as being taught character traits that are not only biblical in their foundation, but are exemplified in the adults who teach them.”