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The new GCS 3&4 Preschool is designed to engage children, three and four years old, through play-based learning. Loving Christian teachers encourage development of social and learning skills with directed play and activities ensuring interaction and lots of fun!

Students in our Preschool 3&4 program learn through singing, story time, dramatic play, table time, and a wide variety of means.  Our program is primarily focused on social development, but does include academic learning such as shape, color, number, & letter recognition.  We love each student where they are, for who they are!

We offer full day, 1/2 day, 3 Day and 2 Day Preschool programs. Click HERE for more information on prices.

K4 & K5

Bible: Students will grow in knowledge of God and their love for Him as they discover the majesty of His glory. Students will learn about God’s amazing love through stories from creation of the world to its climax in life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His son.

Phonics: At the age of 4, our students are eager to learn how letters make words by using simple phonics. Each consonant has a specific sound and each vowel has a special job. Once the sounds are learned, the reading begins and the children soar like rockets!

Writing: Along with learning sounds, the students will learn how to form each letter neatly. They will use a house as a guide for where letters start and stop.

Math: Counting to 100 is one skill that is mastered as a K4 student. Beginning addition, basic geometry, clock skills, and counting coins are also learned.

Science & Social Skills: As the students learn about the calendar and seasons, they learn about how God has created everything and given everything a purpose. Cultures are discussed and the geography of each is covered.

Bible: Kindergartners will focus on the many gifts of love provided for us by God. Emphasis will be on aspects of creation, our families, friends, possessions, Jesus Christ and God’s care for us.  

Phonics & Writing: Students will develop a desire to learn and read as they are challenged with vocabulary, character stories, and writing skills. They will take spelling tests and complete writing pages to improve penmanship.

Math: K5 adds, subtracts, counts to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, learns to tell time and count money. Calendar skills are increased and cooperative learning is practiced.  

Science & Social Skills: God’s plan is the basis for each unit in social studies and science. Weather, seasons, seeds, animals, seashore, and me are some examples of how God has created many purposes in His creation.

With a maximum of 15:1 student to teacher ratio, our students are given a lot of one on one attention through out the day.  Each student is important to us & we will support them through their educational, spiritual, and social developments while at GCS.

JUNIOR HIGH: 6th through 8th Grades

Bible: Students will study the Old and New Testament in various classes using Positive Action curriculum. Bible classes will include courses from Proverbs, courses on the study of the Gospel of John, and courses on Dynamic Christian Living.

Math: Students will use Bob Jones University Math curriculum. Students will learn the following:

    • 6th Grade Math: Whole numbers and decimals; Data and Graphs; Patterns and variables; number theory and fractions; Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing fractions; ratios, proportions, and percents; tools of geometry; Geometry and measurement; exploring probability; Integers; Equations and Inequalities.
    • 7th Grade Math: Decimals and Integers; Exponents, Factors, and Fractions; Operations with Fractions; Equations and Inequalities; Ratios, Rates, and Proportions; Percents; Geometry; Measurement; Patterns and Rules; Graphing in the Coordinate Plane; Displaying and Analyzing Data; Using Probability.
    • 8th Grade Math: Algebra: Integers and Algebraic Expressions; Rational Numbers; Real Numbers and the Coordinate Plane; Applications of Proportions; Applications of Percent; Algebra: Equations and Inequalities; Geometry; Measurement; Using Graphs to Analyze Data; Probability; Algebra: Functions; Algebra: Polynomials and Properties of Exponents.

Language Arts: Students will use the Abeka English Curriculum.

    • 6th Grade: Students will be guided to see how grammar applies to writing and speaking. The course will give a systematic presentation of grammar, composition, and mechanic in a clear and appealing manner.
    • 7th Grade: Students will learn to recognize the different parts of speech together to form sentences, join sentences together to make paragraphs, and organize paragraphs into compositions. They will also learn to develop complete and orderly thoughts and to communicate those thoughts clearly, and concisely, so that they can use God’s gift of language effectively.
    • 8th Grade: Students will build upon what was learned in 7th grade by being provided foundational practice of proper grammar and developing the basic composition skills used in outlining, summarizing, describing, researching, and letter-writing. Students will also be introduced to new grammar rules and new editing techniques that will allow them to expand their writing skills.

Reading and Literature: Students will use Bob Jones University Curriculum. The following are some of the literary skills that will be taught.

    • 6th Grade: Setting; plot; conflict; mood; theme; crisis; flashback; foreshadowing; cliffhanger; denouement; open/closed endings; point of view; irony; sarcasm; hyperbole; understatement; allusions
    • 7th Grade: fables; drama; poetry; hymns; Scripture; short story; biography; autobiographical accounts; historical essays; essays
    • 8th Grade: short fiction; novel; drama; poetry; hymns; folktale; personal essay; humorous essay; diary

Spelling: Students will use ACSI curriculum for spelling. Skills that will be taught are:

    • Word Analysis, Vocabulary, Word Study Strategies, and Writing.
    • Increase skill development in use of words with Greek and Latin roots
    • Expand vocabulary, word building, and editing skills

Science: Students will use Bob Jones University Curriculum and study courses in Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Science at GCS is taught with a Biblical worldview.

Social Studies: Students will learn in courses that cover Ancient Civilizations (from creation to AD 1500), World Cultures (creation to present), and American History. Each course will cover geography, history, government, economics, religion, and culture of each particular area of study. As with other courses at GCS, Social Studies is taught using a Biblical Worldview.

SENIOR HIGH: 9th through 12th Grades

The following courses are specifically required as part of the 24 total hours required to graduate from Galesburg Christian School. These are the minimum requirements and for college entrance students may be required to take additional courses.


4 Bible
4 English I, II, III, IV
4 Math
4 Social Studies
4 Science
1 Art, Music, Foreign Language or Vocational
1/2 Consumer Ed -or- Pass Illinois Proficiency Test
1/2 Health
3 1/2 Physical Education -or- Qualify for a P.E. Waiver
1/2 Driver’s Education

Writing of at least 2 years. This is defined in 105 ILCS 5/27-22 STATE GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS One Year must be in English course, the second year may be provided in another course.

Math: Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry

Social Studies: World History, American History, American Government

Science: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Health

Electives vary from semester to semester and can include a wide variety of things.  Examples include: Yearbook, Computer Fundamentals, Journalism, Astronomy, and Speech.

In an effort to support college readiness, GCS allows students to participate in Dual Credit courses at Carl Sandburg College to meet or exceed graduation requirements.  For more information please contact our administrator.