Educational Excellence in a Christ-Centered Environment


At the grocery store, Brian ran into one of his teachers from Galesburg Christian School. She gave him a big hug and was so genuinely happy to see him! They talked for several minutes like old friends catching up – even though they see each other several times a week! All I could think as I shopped was how blessed we were to have our son attend Galesburg Christian School. He is not the top student, top jock or teacher’s pet. What he is, is valued, nurtured, granted grace when he errs, encouraged, held accountable and truly loved. Yes, they have a challenging curriculum, small classes, etc. But, most importantly, they breathe Jesus into the very soul of my child.

Galesburg Christian School is fantastic! I can’t believe some of the stuff they learn at such a young age!

I believe strongly in Christian education and was especially drawn to GCS’ pursuit for eternal value. It’s ALL about the Kingdom! I am thankful for the administration’s commitment to excellence and doing all things heartily unto the Lord!

I picked GCS for [my child] because I began working in Galesburg and I wanted her attending school in the same town. I wanted her in a school that would be more challenging academically.

Public school was lacking the level of support academically and emotionally that my daughter needed. At GCS, students are challenged in all aspects of the core curriculum as well as being taught character traits that are not only biblical in their foundation, but are exemplified in the adults who teach them. Faithfulness, loyalty, obedience, and truthfulness are just a few of those traits. GCS has been a wonderful choice for our family and I love watching my daughter grow and succeed academically and spiritually!

The teachers [at GCS] are caring and interested in each student.