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To complete our online re-enrollment process, please follow the instructions listed below. Please click HERE Type in your username and password along with District Code GCS-IL.  If you have forgotten your username or password, please click on the link provided. After logging in, click on the Family Information button in the left menu. Click on the Enrollment/Reenrollment button.   Our Online Enrollment system will…


Time is our most valuable resource – it is nonrenewable! When partners give of their time, impact happens! Without your volunteer support, GCS could not be the place of excellence in Christ-centered education that it is today. When you volunteer, you are making an impact on lives as well as giving us an incredible, priceless gift! Please let us know how you…

School Supply Lists

School Supply Lists for the 2017-2018 school year: PRESCHOOL ELEMENTARY JR-SR HIGH Hard copies of these lists are also available at Target and Wal-Mart in Galesburg.

Dress Code

The standard of dress at Galesburg Christian School is designed to reflect modesty, neatness, and appropriateness. It is designed to contribute to a distinctive Christian education and promote an effective learning environment. The administration reserves the right to determine if a student is not dressed modestly, neatly, or appropriately. •Modesty is defined as ensuring we are dressed in a way that honors Christ and does not offend and/or tempt others.…