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Elementary Campus
1881 E. Fremont St.
Galesburg, IL 61401
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Jr./Sr. High Campus
746 Hawkinson Ave.
Galesburg, IL 61401
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Ph: 309.343.8008
Fax: 309.343.8006
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High School

The following courses are specifically required as part of the 24 total hours required to graduate from Galesburg Christian School. These are the minimum requirements and for college entrance students may be required to take additional courses.


Credits Department/Class
4 Bible
4 English I, II, III, IV
3 Math
3 Social Studies
3 Science
2 Art, Music, Foreign Languge, or Vocational
1/2 Consumer Ed. or pass Illinois Proficiency Test
3 1/2 Physical Education or qualify for a P.E. waver
1/2 Driver's Education


*Driver’s education. (With District #205 or home district) *Writing of at least 2 years. This is defined in 105 ILCS 5/27-22 STATE GRADUATION REQIUREMENTS One Year must be in English course, the second year may be provided in another course.


Grade level requirements
Freshmen Sophomore
English I English II
Science Science
Math Math
Social Studies PE
PE - Semester Consumer Ed. - Semester
Bible Health - Semester
Elective Bible
Drivers Ed. (off campus)
Junior Senior
English III English IV
Social Studies PE
Math Bible
Bible Social Studies
PE Elective
Elective Elective
Elective Elective


Math: Algebra, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry

Social Studies: World History, American History, American Government

Science: Phycial Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Courses Offered